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Mail me on this address: katter69@live.se


I have a

small Maine Coon cattery. I live in

a small town called Grums.

Grums is on the west side of the lake Vänern,

the biggest lake in Sweden, and

in the county Värmland.


I breed up Maine Coons.


My cats are family members.

All my cats are kept indoors, and I only sell my cats as indoor cats.

My cats are friendly and beautiful family members.


My kittens are registered in FIFe,

vaccinated twice against Panleucopenia and cat flu, ID-marked,

dewormed and have a written health certificate by veterinary,

less than 7 days before delivering.


My goal are to breed cats with excellent size,

good typ and good temperament.

No cats leaves me before they are 12 weeks old.


If you are interested in a kitten, you are welcome to visit us.


Please, enjoy your trip at my homepage,

and please, don't forget to sign my guestbook.


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